3 Affordable Home Décor Tips This Fall

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3 Affordable Home Décor Tips to Revitalize your Home this Fall!

Shorter days and cooler temperatures is an announcement that: fall is on its way and winter won’t be far behind. So today, let’s dish up some seasonal interior design tips to help you give your home a cozy, warm vibe that fall is about and you can achieve all 3 tips with affordable spend. 

From popular color schemes to autumn friendly textures, these tips will give you plenty of ideas for an affordable and easy fall update to your home.


Winning earthy walls

Earthy tones are at the heart of fall interior design trends, bringing warmth in abundance and absolutely a comforting feel to any room.

From strong shades like Pantone’s Ultimate Gray to sumptuous terracottas and soft sandy hues, these bold neutrals are perfect for giving your fall décor a solid foundation. Better yet, a fresh touch of paint is one of the cheapest ways to revitalize a room and bring some happy smile to your face. It works like magic every time!

Concerned about living spaces feeling bland? Don’t be. Earthy neutral shades are full of character and will go with a wide variety of different shades. For a chic and elegant look, use blush pink or peachy hues to your heart’s content. Or, introduce vibrant tones like orange or emerald green that work beautifully with gray and beige.

Don’t stop at just painted walls or leave your painted walls plain. Create your own unique feature walls with contrasting block colors or stencils against your chosen neutral base. Alternatively, add character and texture with wallpaper – this could be a striking gray wallpaper or something with a plain design.

Giving your living spaces a new base color in a seasonal tone is a quick and affordable way to reinvigorate them. For that extra save, roll up your sleeves and enjoy some DIY experience.


Bring in the outdoors

When the weather cools, it’s no surprise that we spend less time outdoors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the wonders of nature – the trick is to create your own indoor oasis by bringing the outdoor inside.

The most obvious way to do this is by using indoor plants. Granted, you can absolutely do this any time of year, but it seems more effective in fall as many outdoor plants fade away until the spring.

For a cost-effective option, go for long-lasting and low maintenance succulents that stay looking lush all year round. For variety and drama, add a few large, leafy, tropical plants that will lap up the indoor heat throughout the winter – giving you an indoor paradise that also purifies the air inside.

Beyond striking fauna, you want the right accessories that reflect the outside world. We’re talking ceramic pots, untreated wood and natural stone accents that give the overall aesthetic an authentic earthy vibe. To keep costs down, scour shops such as HomeGoods or HomeSense for ornaments or see what natural wonders you can find on walks or in your own backyard. Diariesofmyhome has some lovely selections and there are so many more you can look up for easy and affordable decor ideas that you can recreate.


Layer up with texture and color

On your quest for a cozy interior this fall, don’t forget the importance of layers. Just like you’d smother yourself in clothing on a cold winter’s day, you can do the same to your home with accessories and textiles.

For relaxation areas like bedrooms and living rooms, splash a little cash on some new throw rugs and scatter cushions. To optimize their impact, go big on both texture and color here. Furry fabrics like trendy boucle and sheepskin provide a soft, snuggly texture, while spice infused colors like burnt orange, turmeric and mulberry lend a warm glow.

You can also give rooms a relatively inexpensive update (depending on your taste) with a new statement rug. Again, draw on color palettes that echo the season with green, orange, red, brown and yellow that match the changing tree leaves.

The same color palette works beautifully in kitchens and bathrooms, using organic materials to really bring a textural finish. We’re talking rattan furniture, linen tablecloths, woven bath mats and more. And definitely, include some seasonal pumpkins to your decoration, you’ll love it! 

Giving your home a fall refresh doesn’t have to be disruptive or expensive. From a grounding base color to oodles of textures, it’s all about choosing suitable colors, textures and accents that come together to create a welcoming and cozy space you can enjoy all winter long.